Why Choose Us?

Beijing Lovely Condo says: It will give you a feeling of living as the locals. It will give you a chance to see the real life and real people in Beijing. It will give you a lovely and comfortable home abroad in Beijing, China.

The Host - Liu Pei says: Beijing is a so spread-out city that you need a car and a chauffeur to make your trip easy here. I was born in Beijing. I've run this business for more than three years. I'm familiar with every corner and nook of the city and I konw the best of Beijing. We'll do all we can to smooth your trip and make it memorable and fantastic! Everything is no problem with us. What you have to do is just get packed, take a plane here and enjoy your private tour!

The Guide - Monica says: Isn't it so boring to do the routines following the flag in a tour? Remember, you are the boss of your trip! Unlike organized tours, we won't take you anywhere you don't choose to go, and you can plan activities and stops at your own pace. As a certified tour guide, I'm glad to tell you the stories about this ancient capital, and give you vivid explanations of the sights here.

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So... Why Not?

Mar 16, 2009


Our rental package is unique in its emphasis on personalized service to make your trip a memorable and comfortable one.We include in the rental the services of a private guide/translator and a chauffeur who are fully bilingual in Chinese and English.We will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival,drive you to the condo,and return you to the airport for your departure.We will help you draft up your itinerary with well organized routes and budget your time sensibly.We will be very happy to share the insight and experiences such as where to shop and where and what to eat,etc.During your stay,we are able to pick you up at the condo each day,drive you to destinations that are of interest to you according to your planned itinerary,and return you to the condo at the end of the day.(Food and admission will be on your own.)